Supreme Court Rulings

Upholds interest on HSD Oil credit recovery, Relies on Sangram Spinners ruling 

SC upholds levy of interest at 24% p.a on recovery of wrongly availed MODVAT credit against High Speed Diesel Oil (HSDO) u/s 112 of Finance Act, 2000; Provisions of Sec 112 merely declaratory in natur...View More

Larger bench affirms Raheja decision, States can levy sales tax on flat sale 

3 judge bench of SC approves ratio of 2 - judge bench decision in Raheja Development on works contract; States do have competence to levy sales tax on sale of goods in an agreement of sale o...View More

Denies credit on equipment exported 'as is' with final product, Upholds Tribunal order 

Denies MODVAT credit of purchased machinery parts / equipment, subsequently exported in CKD condition alongwith manufactured final product, for setting up of plant in Vietnam; Rejects assessee's class...View More

Allows credit on non-duty paid inputs, Buyer only to take 'reasonable care' 

Allows deemed MODVAT credit on inputs received from supplier, despite non-discharge of full duty liability by input-manufacturer; Rule 57A(6) of erstwhile Central Excise Rules r/w Notification No. 58/...View More

Rules on classification as medicament vs cosmetic; Holds 'Moisturex' as medicament 

Classifies 'Moisturex' as 'medicament' for ‘cure of skin diseases’ and not as 'Cosmetic' for ‘care of skin’; Rejects Revenue’s contention that product not classifiable as...View More

Revenue's perseverance of "irrelevant legal principles" for paltry demand colossal time waste 

Rejects Revenue's demand for paltry sum of differential excise duty as colossal waste of time of judiciary by pressing irrelevant legal principles; However, accepts Revenue's reliance on Madras HC in ...View More